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"No other band in the middle east sounds like this, Masar truly has a unique sound"

- Satti -

Masar is the collaboration between Faisal Tutunji and Sami Abbas, two musicians from the Middle East. We are dedicated to creating original music and producing independently.


We believe that music should be experienced in the moment, and our goal is to create a unique atmosphere of sound and emotion that will take you on a journey. We invite you to join us in discovering Masar and to explore our unique musical universe.

Masar has joined forces with visual artist Mays Dweiri to create a score for an original short film "Lucid", as well as the cover artworks for our music.

Masar also teamed up with Kymya by Hashem Joucka, to create music videos for our tracks "Trab il Makan", "Wein ma Trooh pt.1" & "Wein ma Trooh pt.2"

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